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El Salvador's Ministry of Education Supports FESA

fesa | January 7, 2008

Two basic requirements applicants must meet to get a scholarship to become an instructor of Physical Education, whose degree will be taught by five Spanish professionals from the University of Seville.

According to information from the president of FESA, Jorge Bahaia, the graduate will start in early February and the requirements for applicants are: possession of diploma and degree in Physical Education and have ranks.

This diploma is a reality thanks to the initiative of FESA, in coordination with the Ministry of Education, the Olympic Committee of El Salvador and the National Institute of Sports, under the patronage of the Spanish company Telefónica.

“If they meet the above requirements, applicants should submit their curriculum to the Ministry of Education enrique.posada @ email, stating your current residence,” said Bahai.

“One of the main goals of this diploma is to train more and better teachers in this field, to strengthen physical education programs in schools of the three areas of the country,” said the chairman of FESA.

At first, the five professors at the University of Seville train teachers to forty Salvadorans and later taught a graduate of these 300 teachers from the Ministry of Education to get the ladder and to practice as a Physical Education teachers.

In the medium and long term goal is to train and train teachers to implement and technical degree in physical education in all universities that have shown interest in the race.

More information is available during business hours on the phone 2510-3321 Ministry of Education or by calling FESA: 2211-8888 and 2245-1865. – La Prensa Grafica